How to configure your ADSL router


Hi, this article only helps for the people who are in Sri Lanka and having ADSL Home Packagers. This explains step by step how to configure D link ADSL router.
To configure the router, first you should have to log in to your ADSL router. To do that properly you should follow following steps.

Step 1
Connect the PC to the router using Ethernet cable.
Open the web browser and enter the address http://
Then default user name is “admin” and password is “admin”.
Then you will appear a web page that included router configurations.

When you connect your PC to the ADSL router using network cable (With RJ45 connectors), will see POWER, STATUS and LAN indicators are properly working. And also you can use any browser according to your flavor.

Step 2
In D-link menu you have to go for “Advanced setup”.
Then you have to enter values for PORT ,VPI and VCI.
PORT – 0
VPI – 8
VCI – 35
Then select “Service Category” as “UBR without PCR”.
“Connection type” as “PPP over Ethernet (PPPoE)”.
Then need to select “Encapsulation Mode” as “LLC/ SNAP-BRIDGING”
And enter the “user name” and “password”.

Above user name and password is supplied by your ISP (Internet Service Provider).

Step 3
After entering those instruction need save those configuration and reboot the router.

Step 4
Can see DSL and Internet indicators are blinking on the router.

How obtain configuration data
Call 1243 number using SLT telephone and follow instruction to connect with customer care and ask them.
Then following information will provide.

Required data from ISP (Sri lanka Telecom)
VPI – 8
VCI – 35
Connection type as “PPP over Ethernet (PPPoE)”
Encapsulation Mode as “LLC/ SNAP-BRIDGING”

Thank you everybody, if you are struggling with any of this information, please post a comment. Comments are welcome.

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