Smart AX MA5300 DSLAM

In this article I am going to show you AXMA5300 DSLAM with EADB boards and a ESMB board for ADSL2+ service. 


In this Smart AX MA5300 DSLAM there are two service frames (with splitter). In each frame have 14 cards. And there are 48 ports in that one card. We know ever DSL should be allocated a port in DSLAM.
Therefore the capacity of Huawei Smart AX MA5300 DSLAM is
                                                            = 48 x 14 x 2
                                                            = 1344 Ports (number of customers)

Connect the serial port of the PC with the console port in the main control board (namely the ESM board) of the MA5300 by using the RS-232 serial cable.

Smart AX MA5300 DSLAM

You can use the HyperTerminal software operating under Windows operating system
to configure the serial terminal.

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